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Mark of true Filipinos are very culturally orientated and traditional. During the colonial period many centuries ago, traditions and traits are formed which are being pass on to generations to generations. Some of which are evolving and new ones are being created due to changes happening in the society. These comprises of traits, vocabulary, things and foods.

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Filipinos are mostly Catholic Christians, so in every kitchen wall you usually see an image of The Last Supper. This picture can be either just a simple plastic banner or an expensive type of painting. This implies how devoted they are to Christianity.

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Filippinere er for det meste katolske kristne, så i hvert køkken mur du normalt se et billede af den sidste nadver. Dette billede kan være enten bare en simpel plastik banner eller et dyrt type maleri. Dette indebærer, hvordan afsættes de er til kristendommen.

Domain: Culture; Category: General culture

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