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symbol knitting

اتصالات; الاتصالات الكتابية

Creating a figure or pattern with all kinds of punctiation marks in order to express some kind of feeling or message - used in ...

iPhonokiaberry people

ثقافة; الناس

The age of people who can not imagine their life without iGadgets, iPhones, Web Browsers, Social networks or internet. This ...

smog mining

مكافحة التلوث; تلوث الهواء

Smog mining is the practice of harvesting minerals and other valuable elements from polluted air used in the manufacturing of ...

pic let-down

علم النفس; المشاعر والحالات النفسية

The kind of disappointment that kids get when they repeatedly try to widen or move pictures on books or paper format as if they ...


المنظمات; الشبكات

An individual account created on facebook stating a person's basic information as birth date, birth place, and pictures as a ...


اتصالات; تواصل الشركات مع عملائها

One who's been stripped of their right to some privilege in such a way as to berate or demean them. Also, the resultant feelings ...

special relativity plus

الفيزياء; الميكانيكا الكمية

Special relativity plus is an extension of Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity (STR) concerning mass-energy ...


إنترنت; التسويق عبر الإنترنت

Terminization is the characterization of a term-oriented digital world in which everything seemingly revolves around terms. A ...


الاتصالات المتنقلة; الهواتف المحمولة

People in East Europe often use this term when they talk about Nokia 3310. Nokia 3310 was released in 2000. Phone received its ...

water manufacturing

البيئة الطبيعية; الماء

Water manufacturing is the process to produce potable water by combining oxygen and hydrogen atoms together with artificial ...


الحب; المواعدة

Unrelated to its common meanings, here "live" means the subtle state in which a person likes another person a lot, but he or she ...


علم الإجتماع; علم الاجتماع العامة

Combination of the words frickin and tired. Feeling of extreme exhaustion with desire to do nothing.

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