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Homogeneous is a uniform in structure throughout or composed of parts that are all of the same nature or kind.

Domain: Language; Category: Terminology Collected Term

Archibabble is used to describe the overly expressive, pretencious words used by many architects within the architecture field. The word is a play on the words architecture and babble.

Domain: Language; Category: Terminology Collected Term

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) should enable access to all content and applications equally, regardless of the source, without favouring or blocking particular ...

Domain: 193891; Category: 1337158 Collected Term

If you are feeling a bit ill, sad or lack energy, you are under the weather.

Domain: Language; Category: Idioms Collected Term

Critically acclaimed border control simulation game which has been made available on OSX, Windows, Linux and PlayStation Vita platforms. It has won BAFTA, Forbes, Wired and GameCity awards since its ...

Domain: Games; Category: Computer games Collected Term

Section 123 of the United States Atomic Energy Act of 1954, titled "Cooperation With Other Nations", establishes an agreement for cooperation as a prerequisite for nuclear deals between the ...

Domain: Politics; Category: International politics Collected Term

An English slang term to describe a promiscuous woman. It is more often used by London's younger generations.

Domain: Language; Category: Slang Collected Term

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