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A brief insight into deities of the old Slavic mythology. Slavic mythology is the mythological aspect of the polytheistic religion that was practised by the Slavs before Christianisation. The religion possesses many common traits with other religions descended from the Proto-Indo-European religion. Old Slavic religion evolved over more than a thousand years and some parts of it were from neolithic or possibly even mesolithic times. The Earth was worshipped as Mat Zemlya and there were no temples. Rituals were performed in nature.

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Veles ist ein großen slawischen Gott der Erde, Wasser und der Unterwelt, Drachen, Vieh, Magie, Musiker, Reichtum und Tricks zugeordnet. Er ist auch der Gegner der Donnergott Perun, und der Kampf ...

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