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It is estimated that throughout the African continent, there are 1500 languages spoken. This list contains just fifteen official languages.
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Tsonga is an official Bantu language of South Africa, spoken by approximately 3 million people. This language is native to a group of people often known as the Shangaan. Typically, Shangaan live in ...

Domain: Language; Category: World languages

Swahili is an official language in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. It is also spoken in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mayotte, Mozambique, Oman, Rwanda, Somalia, and South Africa. Throughout ...

Domain: Language; Category: World languages

Somali is one of two official languages of Somalia; the other is Arabic. Somali is an Afro-Asiatic language of the East-Cushtic variety. Approximately 20 million people speak Somali, the majority of ...

Domain: Language; Category: World languages

Shona is the official language of Zimbabwe, spoken by approximately 80 percent of the population. This language is also spoken in Botswana, Mozambique, and Zambia. Shona, a member of the Bantu ...

Domain: Language; Category: World languages

Setswana is an official language in Botswana and South Africa. This Bantu language goes by many other names including Tswana, Chuana, Sechuana, Beetjuans, Coana, and Cuana. Setswana is also spoken in ...

Domain: Language; Category: World languages

Sesotho is an official language in Lesotho and South Africa. In South Africa, there are approximately 4 million speakers of this language. Sesotho is Bantu in origin, and a member of the Sotho-Tswana ...

Domain: Language; Category: World languages

Sango is an official language of the Central African Republic. It is a creole related to Ngbandi and French. Spoken primarily in the Central African Republic, Chad, and the Democratic Republic of ...

Domain: Language; Culture; Category: World languages; General culture

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