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This Blossary is has a list of cool DIY solutions for mending, creating, adding on reusing, and designing clothes. Very easy, step by step solutions.

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Materials: Flip Flops, Lightweight Oblong Summer Scarf, Scissors. It’s important that your scarf is oblong and light. Using your scissors, cut the scarf in half so that you have two long pieces of fabric. Fold the scarf in half. Slide the scarf under the “V” of the flip flop. Place the loose ends (the straps) through the loop and pull tight. Slide the knot to the bottom of the “V” and separate the two fabric straps. Wrap the fabric straps around the “V” of the flip flops.

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

Materialen: Flip Flops, lichtgewicht langwerpige zomer sjaal, schaar. Is het belangrijk dat uw sjaal langwerpig en licht is. De sjaal met behulp van uw schaar, gesneden in de helft zodat hebt u twee lange stukken van weefsel. Vouw de sjaal in de helft. Dia de sjaal onder de "V" van de flip flop. Plaats van de losse eindjes (de bandjes) door de lus en trek strak. De knoop Schuif naar de onderkant van de "V" en scheiden van de twee stoffen schouderbanden. Wrap bandjes in het weefsel rond de "V" van de flip flops.

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

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