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كيماويات زراعية

Includes chemicals designed for agricultural use for protection of crops from fungus and insects, as well as for the growth and protection of plants.

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كيماويات زراعية; مبيدات الآفات

A variable, measurable property whose value is a determinant of the characteristics of a system; e.g. temperature, pressure, and density are parameters of the atmosphere.


كيماويات زراعية; مبيدات الآفات

The volume or product-level change produced by a leak in a tank.


كيماويات زراعية; مبيدات الآفات

Descriptive factors taken into account by EPA in setting standards for various pollutants. These factors are used to determine limits on allowable concentration levels, and to ...


كيماويات زراعية; مبيدات الآفات

1. An organism, often an insect or rodent, that carries disease. 2. Plasmids, viruses, or bacteria used to transport genes into a host cell. A gene is placed in the vector; the ...


كيماويات زراعية; مبيدات الآفات

In biology, any biological entity or processes, or community whose characteristics show the presence of specific environmental conditions. 2. In chemistry, a substance that shows ...


كيماويات زراعية; مبيدات الآفات

1. In genetics, the organism, typically a bacterium, into which a gene from another organism is transplanted. 2. In medicine, an animal infected or parasitized by another ...