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How did Lady Antebellum got its start?

How long have they been together and are the lead singers dating?

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Melissa taing

The members of Lady Antebellum formed the group in 2006. The two male members - Charles Kelley (lead male vocalist) and Dave Haywood (guitar, piano, and mandolin) were old middle-school classmates; Kelley convinced Haywood to move to Nashville to start a band. Lead female vocalist Hillary Scott ran into Kelley at a Nashville music club, recognizing him from his MySpace page. She was also asked to join the band, and Lady Antebellum was formed. Interestingly, both Kelley and Scott have family ties in the music industry -- Charles Kelley is the younger brother of musician Josh Kelley, and Hillary Scott's mother is Linda Davis, a country music singer. These connections most likely also helped Lady Antebellum get its start.

03:54, 9 May 2011

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