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How can I invite others to view my content?

Is there a way that I can invite my students/peers to view my pages? Also, if I add/change anything, can they be notified automatically?

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Robert Derbyshire

Hi Hydrogen, For terms you have added or translated in the system normally, you can invite your peers by going into your user page, and clicking the 'Invite my friends to view my terms' button. In terms of being notified whenever a change is made, we're working on a feature for this. If it's a question of sending notifications whenever an individual translation is modified, your peers can use the 'watch' button on the term, but this would only work for terms already in the system. However, if the terms are in a glossary, you can invite your friends to view your glossary, then they can use the 'watch' button again. This way, whenever new terms or translations are added to the glossary, they can be informed.

05:09, 22 April 2011

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