المجال: Beverages; Food (other)
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Empresas Polar is a Venezuelan industrial corporation that has 70 years old in the market. The company has produced food and beverage products. In recent years, the company has gotten the leadership through their diversified products, categories, and brands. The company is constituted for three ...
P.A.N.® has more than 50 years in the market. This product is flour made by corn. This ingredient is essential to prepare the traditional Venezuelan food “Arepa”
Industry:Food (other)
Quaker is the brand of food that gives you the vitality you need, offering nutritional solutions from oats, satisfying your tastes and needs, to contribute to your well being. It has two presentation: 400g. and 800g.
Industry:Food (other)
Toddy is a chocolate drink powder. This powder is made by cacao. This drink can be shared with all the members of family.
Pampero is high quality sauce. This product is made by tasty tomatoe.
Industry:Food (other)