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Actors are men who work in the performing arts who's work is most often visuable through theatre or film.

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توم كروز

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Born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (July 3, 1962), an American film actor and producer. He was first noted for his role in the 1983 film Risky Business, which has been described as "A Generation X ...


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RuPaul, born Rupaul Andre Charles on November 17, 1960 and grew up in San Diego, is an American actor, singer, dancer, talk show host, model, author, and singer-songwriter. Best known as simply ...

جوليا دونالدسون

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المؤلف من مختلف الكتب للأطفال، والبعض منها قد بذلت في الأفلام والكتب السمعية. وتشمل هذه العمالقة والجيران ويوميات الديناصور وو ...

ويل فيرل

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Will Ferrell, an American actor and comedian, was born in 1967. He has held starring roles in the following films: Old School (2003), Elf (2003), Anchorman (2004), Starsky & Hutch (2004), Stranger ...


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American Actor, Charlie Sheen asserts that he has "tigerblood," making him different from other humans.

تشارلي تشابلين

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Born on April 16th 1889, Charlie Chaplin became a well-know icon, especially for his work in silent films and for his use of mime and slapstick comedy. One of Chaplin's most famous role was that of ...

ميغيل أنخيل سيلفستر

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(1981-) ميغيل أنخيل سيلفستر يعتبر عنصرا فاعلا إسباني الشهير لدورة رافائيل "El دوكي" دوكي في المسلسل التلفزيوني الخطيئة tetas لا ارايسو هاي. أنه كان يحاول أن يصبح لاعب كرة المضرب مهنية، ولكن في الكتف ...

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Far Cry 3

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