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What is TermWiki?

This is a question that many users have about TermWiki. What is the difference between TermWiki and Wikipedia?

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TermWiki is a social learning network that allows users to learn, discover, share knowledge and connect with friends and peers in all subject domains and languages. There are two important differences between Wikipedia and TermWiki: # Unlike Wikipedia which contains mostly flat data, i.e. text spread out on a page without any particular order, TermWiki uses only structured data organized into a set of pre-defined attributes or meta tags. This means every piece of text on TermWiki belongs to a database entry so it can be easily indexed, searched and translated. # In addition to its encyclopedic functions like Wikipedia, Termwiki strongly emphasizes on a community oriented knowledge platform that facilitates collaboration, knowledge sharing and social networking among its members.

02:04, 28 March 2011

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